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About English Avenue Valladolid

Hello, my name is Josh and I am the owner and head teacher of English Avenue. After finishing my studies at University (English Language & Education) I began teaching English abroad in various countries in Asia, South America and Europe. After 8 years I have decided to settle down in Valladolid. 

After applying for different jobs in Valladolid, I realised there were hardly any professional English teachers here. Of course there are many "Native teachers", but qualified and experienced English teachers are very hard to find in Valladolid. This is one of the reasons I decided to open my own academy. 

The classes I teach incorporate all 4 language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing), but of course I focus on the learning style of each individual student. I use various authentic materials in every class, including: news articles, TED talks, podcasts, etc. All of these are perfect to practice "Real English" and not "Textbook English".

So, why not try one of my classes (the first one is free)?? 

Después de enseñar inglés en diferentes países alrededor del mundo he decidido abrir mi propia academia en el centro de Valladolid. 

En English Avenue podrás aprender inglés en ambiente dinámico con un profesor nativo no solo con experiencia sino cualificado. Mi idea es crear clases grupales interactivas para desarrollar tus habilidades en inglés.

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